Fall 2017 Update

We’ve had a bunch of great meetings and events so far this year. But, hold on to your brewing paddles. We’ve got much more lined up to close out the year. For our October meeting we’re headed back to Spellbound to help them celebrate the winning of a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. The club’s ongoing brewing competition has been building steam. This last round may have more than 15 entries. I know a bunch of us are already looking forward to the competition starting all over in 2018. We’re shooting for a November meeting in the 3rd week of the month to do the tasting for the final round. Stay tuned for the date. Meanwhile, keep brewing!

November 2016 Update

With cooler temperatures comes my favorite time of year — when the tap water gets cold and everyone’s chillers start working really well for the first time in a while! We’ve had some great meetings in 2016. But, we also missed a couple of our monthly meetings due to a last minute cancellation of a speaker and at least one-weather related cancellation. So, we’ve got a little catching up to do! Have a look at the calendar. December is traditionally a meeting-less month due to the Holiday rush and we will continue to honor that. But we’re doubled up for January. There’s a meeting with Two Roads and a holiday party. The website calendar now pulls events directly off the FB page. And directly below this post is the last few things that club members have posted to the FB page.


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3 days ago

Clay Spence

Check out the picture of ex-Triumph head brewer Tom Stevenson in the Good Times section of today's Times of Trenton, on page G2. He's the lead actor in "It can't happen here," playing in Morrisville. (I wanted to post the picture, or a link, but I couldn't find it on nj.com. Honestly, that web site is horrible.) ...


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That website is maintained by the Star Ledger.

Didn't Frank and The Mothers have song titled that?

Suzy Creamcheese

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2 weeks ago

Dean Witman

Does anyone know a chicken keeper who would trade spent grains for eggs? Composting in an apartment is not a good option and it does not produce any eggs. ...

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Good luck. I think we would all like to meet someone like that

That's what I was afraid of. Moving back to Madison is looking better every day: www.madcitychickens.com/

Send me a PM

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4 weeks ago

James Manley


I've done a rough cost calculation on the competition supplies, and each batch will be closer to $25, depending on what Joe's prices actually are(I used love2brew's website pricing).

A reminder, this is the fermentation round, so you choose and buy your own yeast and ferment at whatever temperature you wish. The next and final round will be the Process round, in which you are given the list of winning ingredients and use them however you like, just no changing the amounts.

Here's the details for pick up on Saturday:

Where: Suydam farm, 49 Skillmans Ln 08873, park at the greenhouse lot so we aren't causing chaos for the farm workers

When: Saturday Sept 30, 3pm(if everything goes right)

What to bring: a clean & sanitized fermentation vessel, your chosen yeast

PLEASE email or FB message me if you are taking part! I don't want to have too much or too little wort available!


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I'm in and will be helping with brewing. Just let me know what time

In !!

I'm in!

It looks like we've nearly hit capacity for the competition, I can take one more entry before the math gets too hard. Andrew asked if I could post the ingredients, so here's all the info I can think of for the brew session(per 5.5 gallon batch). Remember, this part is all being done for you! Grain 9# Maris Otter 1# Golden Promise 8oz CaraMunich 4oz Flaked Wheat Boil Hops 1oz Nugget (60 minutes) 1oz Cascade (10 minutes) .5oz Simcoe (flame out) 1oz Amarillo (flame out) Dry Hops(1 week before packaging) .25 oz Chinook .5oz Simcoe 1oz Amarillo 1.5oz Cascade Mash volume: 3.36 gallons temp: 165f (should drop to 155) Sparge volume: 4.24 gallons temp: 160 to 180f Boil Time: 60 minutes

It's a busy day at Suydam Farm. Please do not park at the brewery. Instead park in the grass field at the end of the driveway with the other cars. If hay rides and pumpkin picking are your thing leave extra time!!

Another note, each batch will be $30, there were a couple things I left out of the calculation.

James Manley thanks for coordinating the entire brewing process !!

Boil has begun! Chickens act like they haven't eaten in weeks.

We're ahead of schedule. Feel free to come by now if you are picking up.

Keep an eye on those air locks! My beer was dead still until this morning. I woke up this morning to a very active and nearly clogged air lock.

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3 weeks ago

Marc Leckington

PALE ALES, let's get to brewing!! m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1866890796660704&id=1130275910322200Homebrewers! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get your brews in front of industry professionals on November 11th! The winning brew will be brewed on our pilot system and served in the Tap Room. Entry forms being accepted up-until October 8th! Good Luck!

Interested in trying all these delicious homemade brews? There will be an Unlimited Tasting Ticket for $20.

For more information on how to buy these tickets and register, go to The Homebrew Competition page at www.weyerbachertaproom.com under Events.

PALE ALES, lets get to brewing!! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1866890796660704&id=1130275910322200

4 weeks ago

Marc Leckington


1 month ago

Michiel Ultee

AHA sent me two copies of the new style book "Session Beers", by Jennifer Talley. If one of my fellow PALE ALE members would like my extra copy, just let me know. ...


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Mike I'll get it from you at the meeting at the Vault next Monday. Dave

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4 weeks ago

Lisa Trayner

Kevin Trayner and I would like to ask your support for our kids' marching band. They have a fundraiser this Thursday September 28th at Uno's in Hamilton. Includes takeout, dine in, and alcohol. Just present this flyer when you go for your beer! ...

Kevin Trayner and I would like to ask your support for our kids marching band. They have a fundraiser this Thursday September 28th at Unos in Hamilton. Includes takeout, dine in, and alcohol. Just present this flyer when you go for your beer!
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Annual Homebrew Competition

It’s a bit late notice, but the club competition is set for October 18th, with a 1 pm start time. The location will be the Mill Hill Saloon, 300 S Broad St, Trenton, NJ 08608

Instead of the usual BJCP categories, we’ve decided to go with four broad categories:
Hoppy- IPAs etc
Roasty/Malty- Stouts, Brown Ales, etc
Crisp/Light- Pilsners, Kölsch, etc
Funky- Sours, Brett Beers, anything odd.

I’m sure there will be entries that could be in more than one category, use your best judgment. Please bring at least two 12-ounce bottles (or one 22oz), plain bottles are preferred. Extra beer is encouraged.

Please expect to judge in at least one catergory. We’ll go over how everything works the day of. We’ll be providing appetizers; the kitchen will be open for anything else.

Remember, the competition is open to club members only, so please be sure that your dues are paid up!

Any questions should be sent to PALEALESevents@comcast.net

20th Anniversary PALE ALES Meeting

Yes, that’s right it’s been 20 years since Joe Bair convinced a bunch of his customers to all show up one night at The Alchemist and Barrister in Princeton. We decided the only appropriate thing to do to commemorate  the milestone would be to go back to The A&B and raise a pint.

Mike Ultee Snags Some Homebrew Awards

Long-time member of the Club, Michiel Ultee, passed along the news that he did really well in a couple of homebrew comps.

Top Tier!
Top Tier!

I’ve had a bit of luck in a couple of area competitions recently. “Mike’s Irish Red Ale” won 2nd place in the Philadelphia “Malt Madness” competition in September, and 3rd place in the Morristown “Motown Mash” competition just last weekend. I tried to post this on the PALE ALES yahoo site, but I don’t think it worked. Is there some other way to do this now? In each case I proudly stated my club affiliation as the PALE ALES. 🙂

Fell Under The Spell

As a new brewery, I think its always good indicator that you’ve got it right when the local homebrew club comes out and fills their trunks with your beer. Keep an eye out for Spellbound beers on tap. You won’t be sorry! They seem to be doing a little bit of everything style-wise and doing it well every time. Thanks to Michael Renegar, Jimmy and Bair for the pics!

Annual Styles Meeting 2014 – BOCK! BOCK!

Our annual style meeting is always a great time. We had plenty of great food and some really good beers (and some not so good). Steve Rowley led us through a wide range of beers under the heading of bock, including maibocks, dopplebocks, weizenbocks and eisbocks. You can find some pretty dicey beers brewed in these styles — and some members could resist bringing them! However, the vast majority of the beers we sampled were great examples of their respective style. Thanks, Paul for hosting us once again. If you have an idea for the 2015 style meeting, add it to the comments of this post.

IMG_8130Photo by Gary Kaplan.


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